Monday, April 6, 2009

Death of a true Entrepreneur and inventor

Banford “Manhattan” Woodrow-Smythe (pictured above).

The anniversary of the death of a true gent and genius whilst never forgetting to live life, Manhattan as he became more popularly known for his love of the hooch and in particular that specific cocktail.

Triumphing over adversity in the face of prohibition being the philanthropist he was (an olden day secret millionaire if you will Pomp was not in his vocabulary) had many a speakeasy open and serving very cheap hooch to a grateful public. He was the originator of the gin shoe(a secret device much like a hip or templar’s flask hidden within the heel of a shoe for gin transportation) and the infamous Tommy gun yard in which the barrel magazine and barrel of a Tommy gun was filled with liquor and had to be drank in one. Infamous due to one incidence in which a patron, using his own gun subsequently blew a hole in his cheek and shattered his entire bottom jaw. Banford will be best known, or perhaps I should say unknown for his additions to the lives of the people of the world, Banford invented amongst other things, the asterix and square brackets, his infamous bear thinking chair (pictured):

was the birthplace of many things we take for granted.
the paperclip, the drinking straw, the door latch and the bookmark all born in that very chair. Granted they are not the TV, light bulb or phone, but something we use today just as much, sometimes more. So heres to Banford “Manhattan” Woodrow-Smythe, mines a Manhattan please. Respect to you sir. [RIP]

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