Saturday, April 4, 2009

Aslan Movie in the works.

Due to come out in summer 2010 is "Crazy World - the Story of Aslan, so far, so what" Spike Lee takes to the director's chair to tell the story of Dublin's favorite and hardest working son's. The film' primay focus is the troubled life of Aslan frontman Christy Dignam (played by Lou Diamond Phillips, pictured) Beginning with Dignam's troubled childhood in Finglas, through his toubled time working as a rat catcher in Balbriggan, before going on to take an in depth and unflinching look at his troubled time as the frontman of Aslan. Using Dignam's troubled life as a skeleton writer Steve Martin (of Bowfinger fame) is said to have fleshed out the script by interweaving some elements of early Russian theatre, which he says he found ran very closely to the troubles displayed in the Dignam's life story "Drama is only drama if it is dramatic, and Digman has a dramatic amount of drama to dramatise, but I could not find a path to make that drama dramatic enough, it would dilute the drama somewhat to simply dramatise it, so I needed some extra dramatic drama to show the drama that was already there". Filming only began last month and all those involved in production are keeping very quiet about what audiences can expect from "Crazy World", though in a recent interview on an American PBS fantasy baseball show Spike Lee did express his admiration of Aslan, sympathising that he knew what it was like "to be hated by your own peoples".

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